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Laurinda Lawrence Author

Laurinda Lawrence 

The daughter of oyster farmers, Laurinda embraced her tomboy spirit, exploring the mangroves of her creekside property with her three big brothers and a revolving cast of noteworthy characters who continue to be part of the legend of the oyster farm.

Her unwavering faith in the magic of happily-ever-afters was ignited during an unforgettable punt ride along the Hawkesbury River. Here, her mother gifted her Gone with the Wind, a cherished find from a second-hand bookstore.

At eighteen, Laurinda embarked on her own love story, marrying her high-school sweetheart. Together, they built their home in Newcastle, raising their three children.


Laurinda's daytime role as a school chaplain is complemented by her passion for writing, seizing every opportunity to breathe life into the characters she creates. Her literary journey has resulted in three novels: Black Ink Heart, The Law of Entanglement, and Hating Makenzie Porter.

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