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Laurinda Lawrence Romance writer
Hating Makenzier Porter


He hates her.

To hockey player Jaxon DeLuca, Makenzie Porter is the frosty ice princess who skated into his hometown and upended his world. He blames her for everything gone wrong in his life. Now hockey is all he has left, and he's not about to let her steal that from him, too.

She hates him.

To figure skater Makenzie, Jaxon is nothing but a jerk. Since she arrived in Brinkley, he’s been hellbent on blaming her for decisions outside her control, and he’ll stop at nothing to humiliate her. Makenzie just wants a chance to play hockey, but it seems everyone, especially Jaxon, wants to block her.


But their shadows have other ideas.

After a heated moment on the ice, fate takes a bizarre twist when their shadows start misbehaving. To Jaxon and Makenzie’s dismay, their shadows have run off and fallen in love. Forced into an unexpected alliance, sworn enemies must unite to locate their love-struck shadows before their awkward secret is exposed. Skating the precipice between disdain and desire, once icy glares transform into charged moments of electricity. 

In this playful YA romcom, enemies find sparks even in the coldest shadows of hate. Brace yourself for a delightfully angsty, fun-filled, flirty adventure that will melt even the iciest of hearts.

The Law of Entanglement

Secrets draw them together, will lies tear them apart?

Seventeen-year-old Blue-Wren wants to belong, but no one wants to know you when your mum is a compulsive hoarder. A chance encounter with popular Jacob, the boy who ignores her existence, could change all that…

Jacob, Tatum’s rising athletic star isn’t interested in the small town’s smothering pity, or his controlling father’s overbearing expectations. He wants out. But first he must save Pluto, his dead brother’s beloved rescue dog; a symbol of the ‘ghost’ in their lives—a ghost his dad is determined to forget.

If saving Pluto means friendship with the social reject, so be it. Only no one can ever find out. What Jacob doesn’t know is that Blue-Wren has secrets too. Big secrets.

Suspicions are aroused. Bullies rise up. The town is against her. Will the unravelling of the truth tear them apart?

The Law of Entanglement is a captivating and beautiful coming-of-age love story that will move you deeply and forever change the way you see the world.


Black Ink Heart 

He has something that belongs to her, something he can’t give back

Single dad Lennox Conrad—Nox—a ta
ttooist with a troubled past, is trying to get his life back on track. So, when Nakita Faulkner walks into his parlour determined to get a tattoo she obviously doesn’t want, Nox is more than a little intrigued. As drawn as he is to her, bookish innocents aren’t really his type. Besides, there are circumstances beyond his control, and time is running out.

One night, Nakita’s world is turned upside down. A strange twist of fate throws her back into the path of Nox. She discovers something about him that compels her to make an unusual proposition—a proposition he cannot refuse.

Will the very thing that draws them together, tear them apart?

Laurinda Lawrence
Laurinda Lawrence author
Laurinda Lawrence author
Laurinda Lawrence Author
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